One of my all time favorite actors passed away today...Betty Bacall, best know as Lauren Bacall. Besides being the great femme fatale or  "Noir Queen" she had amazing comedic timing and appeared in beautiful technicolor films such as "How to Marry a Millionaire" and one of my all time favorites "Designing Women" along Gregory Peck.
Today is a day of celebration and all we can say is that Miss Bacall lived a pretty fabulous life full of wit, love, integrity and wisdom. Get a copy of her autobiography it's mesmerizing.

Here's a cheeky quote about what she thinks about the movie business of today:

Vanity fair In Memoriam and Interview "To Have and Have Not".

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Berdorf Goodman Halloween 2011 - Gothic Splendor is absolutely stunning. No wonder a number a women want to spread their ashes in BG.



Sleek, cool & dark... I adore this lady! Tiffany Hsu, is the buyer of Lane Crawford. She's been a staple of Fashion Week for the last couple of seasons and pretty much what you can expect from her personal style are a sleek bob, structure, layers and white socks! Lust. Can't wait to see more from her.

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I was looking thru pinterest for some inspiration for lovely office outfits and I was surprisingly disappointed. It seems that the basic outfit attire is either a shapeless power suit or the standard belted pencil skirt with white shirt and cardigan. I'm all about the retro librarian look but we need to be more creative. After a few key words like office chic, street style, advance style, fashion week here are some of my favorites. To check more visit my STYLE board on pinterest.

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The art of Josep Renau is pure magic! Fill with lost, torment and darkness. I know, I know it could be a little dark for most people but at this period of his career he design classic film noir posters for the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema and Libertad Lamarque was the Queen of Torment. He also did really important and iconic images for different social problems in Spain and Mexico but the one that I most loved are these pieces.

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Fantastic animation! Its a must for any book or animation lover. More lovely adventures in the site.


Hello there! Its been a while but like everyone I been busy catching up on life and several projects. Lately I been in nesting mode and I just want to stay indoors and converting our renters house into a home. From decorating, cleaning and restoring slowly but surely its coming along.

One of the projects that I been working on is restoring the original beauty on the brass hardware from our doors. I don't understand why somebody decided to put layers and layers of paint into brass. After much research this little post made a huge difference and its easy too! Just boil, clean and your done.

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This is one of my favorite shorts growing up. It definitely made an impact on me from the music, my style and leisure. Also this NEW animated short is quite lovely too.

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Here are some of my favorite cartoons when I was growing up. I know I'm a child from the eighties watching cartoons from the forties but when you live in Mexico back then you only had a few selections. Still after all these years I still loved them and master cartoonist Tex Avery always going to be my No.1

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Noir Diorama iPhone & iPod Skin

Graphic Diorama iPhone & iPod Skin

Hey peeps!!

I been missing in action in the last month and dealing with a lot of challenges but for right know the future is looking good. I understand that I haven't been active on the blog but you can very much find me on Twitter, Pinterest and now Vine. Also I'm working hard on my online shop to get new art & designs. Oh! and also Linkled too!!  Check it out!



Sorry for the lack of posts but lately I been extremely busy and one the reason why is one of the stores that I work part time is closing its doors. Its been a dream come true working at Cathedral. I remember crossing the border from Tijuana and taking the trolley and then the bus just to come to my favorite San Diego neighborhood  Hillcrest and visit some of my favorite stores. Cathedral is San Diego's Premier Candle Boutique since 1995 and one of the most gorgeous and innovative store in the community. Owner Amy Capano is such a trendsetter, a true Renaissance woman in every shape and form. I had the pleasure working along her for the last couple of years and I would never forget the lessons and experiences that have form me into a better and savvy business woman. I'm tremendously grateful for this beautiful adventure. So if you have a chance to come and visit the store please do! Shop Local!

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It's been a while since I did a post and this theme has been on my mind for a couple of months. I just adore the way the stag horn fern plaque looks. It's just such a refreshing take of having beautiful plants in your home, specially for small places like mine. We try so hard not to have any hard shape furniture with low legs and we love dessert plants and ferns. I think the mounted fern is going to be a great addition to our home.

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