One of my male muses is Simon Doonan. Besides being uber talented he is so funny! Hilarious!! Have you seeing Beautiful People on LogoTV. It's based on his autobiography Nasty.  He is the Creative Ambassador-at-Large of the New York City-based clothing store, Barneys and I live by his latest book, Eccentric Glamour, he has decried porno chic in Western society in general.

Interviewed for an article for the New York Daily News, he said, "There are two horribly worrying trends! Celebrities are becoming so gun-shy that there is no diversity, no sense of fun on the red carpet. There's no experimentation - which is incredibly important to fashion." On "porno chic," (the second trend) he said, "Imagine if you said to people 20 years ago that in 2008 a significant number of women would be going around dressing like porno stars with fake hooters and butt cracks showing? No one would have believed you."
Love him...and his husband too...Jonathan Adler.

images via: barneys new york

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