Martha Stewart, Taxidermy collection

Dita von Teese & her collection of Taxidermy

Wes Anderson with Taxidermy

 Katsuya Kamo, Taxidermy collection

I always had a fascination with taxidermy (I know, I know...I don't wear them or eat them) but I do appreciated their beauty and I can't believe we share the earth with all these magnificent creatures. We are so lucky. Anyway, when I was a little girl one of my friend's parents collected taxidermy and it was amazing, a beautiful curated collection of wonderful species. Ever since I been fascinated with this art form. Someday I would love to start a collection of my own (only have one piece a butterfly) but beware no animal is kill for the art of taxidermy, they must have a natural dead in order to respect the art and specially the animal. It has to be cruelty free. The American Museum of Natural History has a pretty good resource.

images via: martha stewart, instyle, new york magazine & selb

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