These are all the haircuts I been rocking during the last 8-7 years. It all started with the Missy Suicide hair. I was really into the Suicide Girls way back then and I need it a change, needless to say I got bored and move on with the Amelie haircut. It was cute and easy, but when I started collecting Bettie Page memorabilia, I started to grow my hair but it didn't work for me...to much maintenance. I wanted something bold and structure. Behold...Louise Brooks was the answer! But I grew tired of it and rock the Cleopatra look for a a while. Tired of the bangs I decided to do something clean, modern and easy. The beautiful Erin O'Connor was the inspiration of my latest cut. It was soft and pretty...perfect to meet the parents (ha!) but I need it something bolder, gutsy, edgy and something to scared the parents (double ha!). So after years of contemplating this haircut (and my 30th birthday coming up) I thought it was now or never and the baddest chic to rock it is Shirley Manson. I loved it!! I tell you the buzzer can be addicting. I sported the cut for almost a year. Right know I have a softer more modern cut of the Shirley one ala Kate Lanphear. Needless to say I'm sure I'm gonna get bored sooner or later but I'm pretty happy with this one! All my haircuts are done by the beautiful and talented Miss Tawny at Ralph's Hair Place in Hillcrest.

image via: haydee yanez


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