Lou Dillon for Juliette has a Gun

Lusting for this!!! Juliette has a Gun rechargeable purse fragrance, in the shape of a bullet. Inside... A well-guarded secret? A perfume oil with hidden powers. When applied at the right places, men bend irresistibly on their knees. At the crossroad between sorcery and poetry, the jewel is your ultimate accessory to re-perfume yourself discreetly in any occasion.

A cult object, not to place in innocent hands...

Citizen Queen: A leathery chypre, at the crossroads of modern and classic perfumery.

Lady Vengeance: A scent which leaves a rich and sophisticated wake, while remaining easy to wear. The expression of a positive, self-assured femininity.

Miss Charming: The perfume of a virgin witch, docile and provocative, elegant and sensual. A joyful interpretation of the Moroccan rose, musk and airs of wild fruits.

The Purse Bullet contains 1 bullet, with 4 rechargeable vials filled with perfume oil in your choice of scent.

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